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Jo has almost 25 years’ experience working in genealogical and archival services, including 5 years working as an expert genealogist for Her experience of working in archives means she has knowledge of the lesser-known record sets that many genealogists overlook.

She is experienced in using DNA as a genealogical tool as well as all traditional methodologies of documentary research. Jo is an expert palaeographer able to read English handwriting from any era and has a basic working knowledge of medieval Latin.

Jo researches families throughout England and Wales and uses a network of tried and tested fellow genealogists to visit the archives in difficult to reach localities. She offers a full range of services from determining unknown parentage, to solving brick wall cases and researching family trees from scratch.

Joanne Penn

Family History

Jo offers a full range of research services to help you uncover your family history.

Unknown Parentage

Working with DNA requires in-depth knowledge of the field of genetic genealogy and complex work.

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