I would thoroughly recommend Jo’s family history services. Being totally new to this sort of research, I needed guidance to work out what I wanted, and Jo very clearly outlined what could be achieved and uncovered. The depth of information was more than I expected, and the report delivered at the end was written to a high professional standard.

Ms D., London, UK

My mother & I sought help and advice from genealogist Joanne Penn to help research & discover the paternal side of our family that had been undiscovered for over 70yrs. The only information we had was a ‘potential’ name, possible era date, and potential age of my mother’s biological father. Jo was open, honest and professional with how she could support us, what the realistic outcomes may be, and the timelines & financial arrangements for the work we required. At all times Jo was clear, prompt, resourceful, kind and thorough in all of her work & communications. Our expectations were exceeded in all areas and we have at long last been able to discover many long lost paternal relatives who we are now in communication with, all thanks to Jo’s amazing work and dedication as a professional genealogist.

Ms. H, UK

I am thoroughly satisfied with the excellent DNA research completed by DNA Genealogist Joanne Penn who has found my formerly lost parental side.

Mrs N., Canada

I’d hit a brick wall with  my research trying to trace my paternal line so hired Jo and I’m so glad I did she discovered the DNA breakthrough I’d been searching for and without her help I’d still be going around in circles ..very pleased!

Mr R., UK

Jo’s DNA expertise was invaluable in helping me to make sense of my results and matches. Her knowledge and tenacity uncovered far more information about my family than I had thought would be possible. With few written records available, it was her understanding of DNA that unravelled complex family relationships.

Ms. C., England

Joanne was amazing to work with and helped us solve a 100 year old mystery. She was really clear with us about the challenges we would face and the likelihood of a positive outcome so we were able to prepare. Her knowledge of DNA and how it connects to different people meant we were able to confirm a theory and close the door on an tragic story.

Ms G-Y, Australia

I am extremely grateful for your very skilful and indeed successful efforts in assisting me with my research. You have uncovered such a remarkably wide range of material, always with an appreciation of my objectives. Without your help, I would not now be able to put so much flesh on the bare bones of a simple pedigree. Over the years, I have experienced many researchers in various English counties, but never before have I experienced such efficient and dedicated assistance. Thank you.

Mr. W, UK

Joanne undertook nearly twenty research assignments for me over a period of about two-and-a-half years. The people she researched for me were members of half a dozen different unlinked families that lived in three counties (Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire) from the 15th to the early 19th centuries. In all her research, I found that Joanne was very enthusiastic and persistent in seeking alternative sources when gaps appeared in parish registers and was very knowledgeable about the availability of records and where they should be consulted. Joanne skillfully used this knowledge by knocking down “a brick wall” that I had been unable to surmount for five years or more. She demanded high standards of proof and cross-referencing and regularly met her (largely self-imposed) reporting deadlines. Joanne also drew to my attention opportunities for containing costs (e.g. by recommending that lines of enquiry that appeared to hold no promise of fruitfulness be not pursued). I first learned of Joanne through the Norfolk Record Office website. I contacted her and asked if she would consider a research assignment that another researcher had refused to undertake and she readily agreed. I have had reason to be very grateful to her for her care and attention to my research requests.

Mr. W., Australia

Joanne Penn was recommended to me by a fellow researcher. Knowing her background at Norfolk Record Office, I engaged her to try to resolve a family history mystery which had defeated researchers for decades. She succeeded. Combining professional expertise with a shrewd intelligence and analytical facility, she not only unearthed essential information but was able also to draw meaningful conclusions from it. Her written reports are comprehensive and meticulous. So I would strongly recommend Joanne to anyone researching family history and especially those who have hit the proverbial ‘brick wall’

Mr. A. UK